Kalavandra is a small continent located on western edge of the Endless Ocean. The continent was discovered less than a century ago by halflings who were struck by wanderlust and took to the seas. Believing they owed their safe passage across the ocean to their god, the halflings named the new land after Avandra, Goddess of Luck and Travel.

When news of the discovered continent reached the eastern kingdoms, more settlers were sent across the Endless Ocean. The first of these new arrivals were humans from the Kingdom of Tyrun. Ignoring the fact that the halflings had discovered the continent and that native inhabitants had been living here for centuries, the Tyrunians declared Kalavandra as a territory of Tyrun. The native inhabitants of Kalavandra, called the Ogrimmar, took offense to the Tyrunians’ aggressive settlement of lands and attacked. The Battle of the Settled Lands as it would become to be known ended with the Tyrunians as the victor.

The quiet community that the halflings created was quickly overrun by humans, rakastas and the occasional dwarf. Several kingdoms and empires staked their claim to large parcels of land on the eastern coast of Kalavandra, forcing the Ogrimmar back across the Great River and into the southern deserts.

When war erupted in the eastern kingdoms, its effects were felt in the Kalavandra territories as well. In order to support the cost of war, funds were diverted away from the fledgling colonies. The territory leaders could not afford to build infrastructures necessary for the territories to survive and grow. Worse, many supply lines between the Eastern Kingdoms to the settlements were cut off by enemy blockades.

Most territories halted plans for establishing new colonies and many abandoned smaller communities that they could no longer afford to sustain. Larger territories absorbed some of these abandoned communities, but many were left to meet their fate on their own. With continued raids from neighboring Ogrimmar clans and little to no supplies, the future looked grim for those still living in the forgotten communities.

Abandoned by their kingdoms, several wealthy merchants took it upon themselves to supply the goods and skilled labor necessary to protect and grow these colonies. With the merchants’ aid and leadership, the forgotten colonies established themselves as a loose coalition of city states. With their increasing land holdings and power, these merchants became known as the Merchant Kings and the land they owned as the Merchant Territories.