The Great Race

The Great Race is the most spectacular entertainment event in Kalavandra. Hosted by Lord Rajan The Entertainer, the race comprises of 10 to 12 caravan teams attempting to haul goods from Fort Edmonds to Tarsis. The journey spans 182 miles by road, or for the brave 112 miles as the crow flies. On either route, the trek is perilous for the competitors; it is rare that every caravan that begins the race makes it to the finish line.

However, for those that do finish, the reward is great. Each participant will gain some publicity and fame in relation to their placement, securing more customers and likely a higher profit margin for their caravan. In addition, first place is awarded 5,000 gold pieces.

These rewards are in addition to the large wagers made by participants and onlookers alike.

Participants in the Great Race
The Wild Bunch
Strongbacks – backed by big corporation
Behemoth Deliveries
King’s Couriers – Favored to win.
GoQuickly Caravans
Mighty Messengers – backed by big corporation, are good with big packages
Alavandra’s Messengers
Fenton’s Courier Service – they are known for handling smaller packages quickly (they usually just ride horses, not wagons),
Willowrush Family Caravan (halflings)
House Evermead (dwarf)

The Great Race

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